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Prosinec 2017


12. prosince 2017 v 15:31 | Ja
Memories are decieving
they tone present feelings
and leave no space for fair comparison

It's impossible to say what was really felt back then
and what is remembered
It's impossible to say whether what's remembered as having been felt
Was really felt

It's impossible to compare present feelings with the past ones
Yet we do it

And get so lost in
what is a memory
and what's a deceit.

...so perhaps it is just the present

that matters?

And so I met you

12. prosince 2017 v 13:22 | Ja
And so I met you
with your big fears and courage
and a tendency to run away through adventures
so lost
and so directed
seven dates compressed to two long meetings
I shared my soul with you
You shared your soul with me
at night
and then we said goodbye

How different the life could be

I will remember you